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Stock Trading Science
Kirt Christensen
Active Stock Trader Since 1998

$MARA = 194% Gain
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$FUBO = 51% Gain
$APPS = 26% Gain
$NIO = 80% Gain
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Get this 40-minute educational training & you'll discover:

  • Rule #1: How to setup the simple stock  scans to reveal the "BMWs" & "Ferraris" of the market, stop wasting your time, and money, trading slow-moving "clunkers"! 
  • Rule #2: Why there is absolutely only ONE "setup" that you should memorize, complete with dozens of visual examples & PROOF. Then you'll get steps on how to find 20-50 of them per month -- on autopilot. Do this, and stock trading will never be the same, it's like having a "cheat-code".
  • Rule #3: Exact rules for getting "in" and "out" that have resulted +632% net percentage gain in 7 months on all trades taken... Real trades, placed with real money, not hypothetical or back-tested results. 
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