Thanks so much! Our support team will be in contact shortly, with an email from:

You’ll receive 2 emails, 1 will contain your paid invoice, if you need it for tax or other records… And the other is the most important, it has your username and password!

Please, please, please hit “reply” to the username and password email you get and send us back a quick message, like “Got my username and password, thanks!”, so that we know you got it, and it also helps make sure you get important emails from us in the future!

This is super-duper important, at times, emails can get “lost”, or get filtered away in your spam folder, or your marketing messages folder, and we have no way of knowing.

If 24 hours has past and you don’t have your username and password, email us at:

…or doing office hours in the United States in Pacific Time Zone, call or text us at 509-720-7867!

PS – Print out this page so that you have it handy!

PPS – Another helpful thing would be to “whitelist” our emails, all of which will come fromĀ… Here’s a walk-through of how to do it for each of the major email platforms:

How to Whitelist an Email